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Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 7 years ago

The InDesign Template Generator - Product Support (link below) lists every printed product, detailing its support level and completeness.

You probably don't need this document

Now that TGI supports nearly all products, this document is less important than when the TGI project was first started in 2006.

Rather than being a critical document, the Product Support listing is simply an export from our internal quality processes (implementation and version control logs).

Support Level

This is a measure of our confidence that the generated document meets the production specification:

Support Level Notes
No Support Initial state
Do Not Show Deliberately hidden
Open Network Templates provided elsewhere
Brand Demand Private builds only
Hide (parked; no support) For work-in-progress
Internal Testing We're getting it ready
Alpha Release Use with caution
Beta Release Nearly ready; some faults
Certified Release We're confident it'll work!

For general release, TGI only creates documents for products having a support level of Internal Testing or better (shown bold).


This is a measure of how complete the generated document will be. For example, if elements need to be added manually, then the Completeness will be less than 100%.


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