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Creating an email list from w3p

Yoesra Imam
by Yoesra Imam 3 years ago

NEW! Now you can export and filter an email list that contains all the relevant data for you to create and send your own email campaigns from your w3p system.

Each month, for brand partners, we create email templates and collate the data in order to send cobranded emails on your behalf. Now those email campaigns are sent via w3p. Giving you visibility on how your customer base is interacting with those emails. The email campaigns are also available as templates for you to utilities whenever you deem appropriate.

You can find out more information about how to send email campaigns and view email statistics here:

The Automail dashboard can be found by typing “automail” in the home search bar, you’ll land here:

You can attached a customer list to a campaign in two ways:

  1. Automatically submit customer data to an existing email campaign
  2. Import a ready .csv file to an email campaign

Create email list

Click the ‘Create email list’ button on the automail dashboard. You’ll land here:

You’ll see 5 screen types:

  • List Type
  • Data Source
  • List Options
  • Filter Options
  • Results

List Type

  1. General List (Click to Learn about this List type)
  2. Product Ordered List (Click to learn about this List Type)
  3. Lost & Dormant (Coming soon)



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