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FLAPI: About Customers

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 7 years ago
Stage API call (some parameters omitted)
1. create customer category
POST /categories
2. create customer
POST /customers
    (add addresses)
POST /customers/<customer.code>/addresses

    (view contacts/users)

     (view specific contacts)

      (create contacts/users)

     (update contacts/users)


GET /customers/<customer.code>/contacts
GET /customers/<customer.code>/contacts/<>
POST /customers/<customer.code>/contacts
PUT /customers/<customer.code>/contacts/<>
    create order for customer
POST /orders
    create job for customer
POST /jobs
    view invoices
GET /invoices

Then filter your results by customer.

    (retire customer) Customer records become dormant, rather than retired, so that historical records remain. If you have reason to employ checks before trading with a customer, then record it in your own data.

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