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FLAPI: Job Main Details

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  • Request all jobs
  • Request job by id
  • Create a job
  • Change a job

Request all jobs

Not supported.

Request job by id

GET path

Retrieves the requested job, along with relevant details. 

Note that the returned job.addreses contains the despatch specification for the job, and job.despatches contains completed despatches.


Parameter Description
format json or xml
include Specify details to be embedded in the response.
HTTP request
HTTP response (JSON)
    "job" : {
        "id" : "855086",
        "status" : "081",
        "customer" : "TESTME",
        "contact" : "315401",
        "quantity_allocated" : "2000",
        "quantity_printed" : "2000",
        "quantity_despatched" : "2000",
        "total_transfer" : "102.48",
        "total_selling" : "172.00",
        "total" : "172.00",
        "product_code" : "LEGA40T",
        "client_reference" : "47742",
        "title" : "My doc holder 2014",
        "category" : "899",
        "quantity" : "2000",
        "auto081" : false,
        "service" : "N",
        "status_text" : "PDF'd and sent",
        "complete" : "yes",
        "multifile" : "no",
        "expected_despatch_date" : "23\/05\/2008",
        "front_filename" : "855086_A01.PDF",
        "reverse_filename" : null,
        "fee_charged_on_job" : 1234567
        "pages" : 1,
        "despatches" : [{
                "id" : "270608",
                "quantity" : "2000",
                "cartons" : "2",
                "weight" : "20.0940",
                "consignment" : "01149464",
                "consignment_url" : "http:\/\/\/trackntrace\/conenquiry.asp?ACTION=TRACK&TYPE=C&QUERY=01249422",
                "date" : "2014-05-23",
                "time" : "00:56:24",
                "line" : "1201211"
        "addresses" : [{
                "name" : "Five Lives Ltd",
                "addr1" : "",
                "addr2" : "Hope Lane",
                "addr3" : "",
                "addr4" : "Felixtown",
                "addr5" : "",
                "addr6" : "United Kingdom",
                "postcode" : "M33 3OW",
                "countrycode" : "GB",
                "contact" : "Dave McTavish",
                "telephone" : "0161 2289977",
                "line" : "1201211"
        "revenue" : [ {
                "costing" : "NDY",
                "quantity" : "2000",
                "units" : "1",
                "unitcost" : "0.00",
                "unitrev" : "9.00",
                "cost" : "0.00",
                "revenue" : "9.00",
                "prcost" : "0.00",
                "unitprcost" : "0.00",
                "vat" : "0.000",
                "vatcode" : "Z",
                "vattotal" : "0.000",
                "name" : "STANDARD DELIVERY",
                "customname" : "",
                "voucher" : "f",
                "template" : "f"
            }, {
                "costing" : "PR",
                "quantity" : "2000",
                "units" : "250",
                "unitcost" : "12.81",
                "unitrev" : "20.38",
                "cost" : "102.48",
                "revenue" : "163.00",
                "prcost" : "0.00",
                "unitprcost" : "0.00",
                "vat" : "0.000",
                "vatcode" : "Z",
                "vattotal" : "0.000",
                "name" : "PRINTING",
                "customname" : "",
                "voucher" : "f",
                "template" : "f"
        "notes" : {
            "brief" : null
        "finishes" : [],
        "orientation" : {
            "front" : "Portrait",
            "back" : "Portrait"
        "jobmaker_pack" : {
            "full_pack" : "http:\/\/\/api.php\/jobs\/855086\/jobmaker",
            "orderlist_csv" : "http:\/\/\/api.php\/jobs\/855086\/jobmaker?file=csv",
            "orderlist_xml" : "http:\/\/\/api.php\/jobs\/855086\/jobmaker?file=xml",
            "worksheet" : "http:\/\/\/api.php\/jobs\/855086\/jobmaker?file=sheet",
            "packing_slip_draft" : "http:\/\/\/api.php\/jobs\/855086\/jobmaker?file=slip"
Response Item Description
job Container item.
  id Unique identifier for the job.
  customer A customer.code
  category The for this customer.
  contact for the person who ordered the item (a contact).
  title A human-readable name to help you and your customer identify this job. May be non-unique.
  client_reference Customer’s reference for the job, e.g. a purchase order number.
  product_code product.code
  product Container for product details, when &include=product is requested.
See GET /product.
  auto_081 t for products that progress automatically to production as soon as they are ordered (generally for simple products that need no further preparation).
  service Service level code (internal to Flyerlink). Indicates accelerated, normal, or slower turnaround.
  quantity The number of items ordered. This will be a multiple of the product’s batch quantity.

Container item for finish items.

If a job uses a product that has finishing choices, then for that job, one finish from each finishing choice must be chosen.

    finish Container item.
      id finish.code, identifying the option or process.
      quantity Number of items to be processed.
      name The name of the finish, in the current language.
      memo Special instructions to the operator who processes the finish.
Design and Communications

Container item.

    brief The design brief (memo).

Container item.

    front Optional: portrait or landscape.
    back Optional: portrait or landscape.

Container item. Points to downloadable resources for this job.

    full_pack URL for the API call to download a zip containing all the resources pointed at by orderlist_csv, orderlist_xml, worksheet, packing_slip_draft.
    orderlist_csv URL for the API call to download the order list as a CSV file.
    orderlist_xml URL for the API call to download the order list as an XML file.
    worksheet URL for the API call to download the worksheet as a PDF.
    packing_slip_draft URL for the API call to download the packing slip as a PDF.
Revenue Items
  total_transfer Net amount charged to the selling workgroup, excluding taxes.
  total_selling Net amount charged to the customer, excluding taxes.
  fee_charged_on_job The job.code for the template fee charged (or null). Use /jobs/ to examine it.
  total Gross amount charged to the customer, including taxes.
  revenue Container item for revenue lines
    line Container item
      costing The costing.code, identifying the extra goods or services
      quantity The number of items covered by line
      units Number of times this costing is charged
      unitcost Transfer price, per unit
      unitrev Selling price, per unit
      unitprcost Production cost, per unit
      cost Total transfer price, for this line, = unitcost * units
      revenue Total selling price, for this line, = unitrev * units
      prcost Total production price, for this line, = unitprcost * units
      vat Total tax amount for this line
      vatcode The id of the tax type. These IDs vary by geographic location
      vattotal The currency amount, for taxes
      name The standard name for this costing, in the current language
      customname Where revenue editing is allowed for the costing, this may contain the edited name.
      voucher t when this line accounts for voucher adjustments.
      template t when this line accounts for template charges
Production and Despatch
  status The job’s current status, char(3). See Enumerated types.
  status_text Description of the status
  complete t when the job is invoiced and despatched.
  expected_desaptch_date Date and time, as text: <date> at <time>
  front_filename Filenames, as uploaded, and as presented in the Job Pack download.
  quantity_allocated Items grouped (committed) ready for production
  quantity_printed Items processed in production
  quantity_despatched Items packed and processed for despatched
  addresses Container item for address items
    address Container item; see customers:addresses.
      line; use /jobs/…/despatches/.../line for detail
  despatches Completed despatches (container item for despatch items)
Container item; see customers:addresses.
Each despatch item corresponds to a completed ‘packing and despatch’ operation.
      quantity Number of items in this despatch (some or all of job.quantity)
      cartons Number of separate boxes or deliverable packages
      weight Weight of the boxes in this despatch for this job, local units (kg or lbs).
      consignment Consignment ID, likely to have been issued by the carrier’s own systems.
      consignment_url Tracking URL, for customers to see the progress of their delivery.
      date Timestamp, local hub time.

Create 'job'

Creates a new job. Note that other data items will need to be in place before creating a job, e.g. category, customer, product. You may optionally specify the despatches you have completed, along with auto081=true.

Parameter Description
format json or xml
title text; familiar name for the job; visible to customer.
product_code product.code
quantity a multiple of the product’s batch quantity
category category.code. Obtain this from customer.
order (optional); Add the created job to this order.
auto081 (optional) When true, the job will automatically progress to production; incompatible with order.
finishes (as required) See GET /products/<product.code>
HTTP request

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