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Flexible products with customisable prices & specifications

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 3 years ago

The majority of products come with set prices for different price breaks
The system also supports flexible products that start off with a price of "£0" which can be edited along with a customisable spec

How it works

1) Create your job or opportunity using a flexible product code

2) You'll then be able to change the product name and spec and turnaround time

3) Instead of the predetermined prices you will need to set your own

You can add the selling price and the production cost
You will not be charged this production cost from Grafenia - it's there for your internal reporting and to help work out the margin margin purposes.

The amount you add is the total, not withstanding any quantity used.

When you change the product quantity or delivery or service, for most products we will intelligently work out the prices for you
For these products the prices will need to be adjusted as the spec changes.

The changes you make will show to your customer in their online portal
It will show up in the print outs and invoices

What products are flexible?

The following product codes are customisable - but do not allow file attachments.

FPSERV Flexible service product

FPNOVAT & FPNOVAT0 are flexible products where VAT is zero-rated

These products allow files to be attached for bulletproof purposes and for reordering through Flyerlink

FPPRINT0 Flexible printed product 4x0 ( PDF full colour one side )
FPPRINT4 Flexible printed product 4x4 ( PDF full colour both sides )
FPELEC Flexible electonic product ( ZIP )
FPSIGN Flexible sign product ( ZIP )
FPPRIN3    Flexible printed product: 3 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN4    Flexible printed product: 4 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN5    Flexible printed product: 5 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN6    Flexible printed product: 6 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN7    Flexible printed product: 7 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN8    Flexible printed product: 8 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN9    Flexible printed product: 9 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN11    Flexible printed product: 11 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN12    Flexible printed product: 12 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN16    Flexible printed product: 16 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN20    Flexible printed product: 20 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN24    Flexible printed product: 24 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN28    Flexible printed product: 28 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN32    Flexible printed product: 32 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN36    Flexible printed product: 36 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN40    Flexible printed product: 40 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN44    Flexible printed product: 44 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN48    Flexible printed product: 48 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN52    Flexible printed product: 52 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN56    Flexible printed product: 56 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN60    Flexible printed product: 60 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN64    Flexible printed product: 64 pages (PDF)
FPPRIN80    Flexible printed product: 80 pages (PDF)

Flexible products which have files attached carry a 99p system fee. This fixed-fee contributes towards the costs of storage and archival ('forever') of the graphic files plus any filecheck/template/font licences.

Creating your own customisable product

1) Create an Opensource product
Via Workgroup > Products > My Products > Products > View/Amend

Tick the "Allow custom product spec"

Using opportunities

While you're tendering a large project such as a bespoke sign or web project we recommend using opportunities. This will avoid the job showing in your inputs until the job is going to progress.

Flexible products come with full opportunities support
You can add your spec, custom price and your production cost.

You can add your spec, custom price and your production cost.

When you create your product it will pull through the information and prices you've entered

Subscription support

Flexible products can also be used in subscriptions

When you enter the product name and specification it carries through to the job and later the invoice


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