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Making PDFs from TGI-generated documents

Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 5 years ago

Print Settings

TGI automatically sets up your Print settings. However, do check that these are correct before you generate your PDFs, because TGI makes some assumptions about your setup.

Follow the File Check Guide and Designing for Production to help you check that your file meets production specifications.

Template Mark-up

TGI adds extra information into your design document, for visual guidance to help you with design, and essential production mark-up that is used when making your printed jobs.

Colour Print Notes
QUIET-ZONE No Shows hidden or near-edge areas
FOLDING-GUIDES No Shows folding or creasing axes
TRIM-GUIDES No Shows physical edges
DIE-CUT-GUIDE Yes (overprint)
SPOT-UV Yes (overprint)
EMBOSSINI Yes (overprint)
OPULEAF-SILVER Yes (overprint)
OPULEAF-GOLD Yes (overprint)

Print = No

It is important that markings are not present in PDFs supplied for print (they would spoil the look of the print). We will not accept responsibility for print that is affected by template mark-up.

Automatic removal of template mark-up

Both of our supported preflight solutions (File Check 2.0, and Instant PDF) will automatically strip out the colours that should not be printed.

On the FileCheck Report this will appear as, 'Any InDesign TGI elements have been removed'.


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