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Obtain and Install TGI

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Downloading the files

Click on the Tools link below.

Installing the files

InDesign CS4 or later

  1. Open your Script folder in Explorer/Finder.
    You can do this from InDesign, using the Reveal in Explorer/Finder menu item of the Scripts palette.
  2. Remove any previous installation of TGI.
    Assuming that only TGI occupies your Version 4.0 Scripts folder, delete your Version 4.0 Scripts folder. 
  3. Expand the Version 4.0 archive, so that you have a folder named Version 4.0 Scripts;
  4. Copy/move the Version 4.0 Scripts folder into your Script Panel's folder.

Questions and Answers

TGI Compatibility with InDesign

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TGI User Guide (Template Generator for InDesign)


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