Support for extra studio pages

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 5 years ago

As part of the new website, it's possible to add extra pages from your studio page.

10 extra studio pages are available per workgroup on the eStudio plan.
See for more details on studio plans.

To add and amend your website pages, head to Workgroup > Admin > View/Amend > Website Listings

Scroll down and you'll see a section for adding Studio pages, along with a menu for creating extra studio pages. (Note if you're a studio and can't see this menu, please contact your BDM)

How studio pages display

Your extra studio pages will appear from

If you add an item to the menu, it will show on your studio page
You can also add to dropdowns to show indented from your main links. Any pages you don't add to the menu will still be hosted, but won't have any links to them. You can use this for a specialised promotion to a few restricted customers.

Any urls slugs given to a studio page will start from So if you have a url slug of "parent" it will show be hosted on

Only active pages will be hosted on, but you can edit them before making them active like any other w3shop page.


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