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Demander de l'aide à nos experts Nettl Geeks

by Fabrice 4 years ago

With website builds, there can be complex problems to solve. To help you find solutions to these problems, you can use our Fast Paths or ask questions to the Geek Community.

Asking for help

If you want some help, either create a task to say you need help, or ask a question on one of our Geek Channels.

To ask for help on a task

  1. Create a task on any project
  2. Head to the Help tab
  3. Turn your Help Wanted switch to "Ask Geeks for help"
  4. Choose the channel you want to ask for help in.

This will then move your question to the geek channel so others can help you out.

To ask a question from a Geek Channel

  1. Find your channel on Workgroup > Projects > Geek
  2. Press (+) ask a new question/task.
  3. Ask your question and everyone who's answered in the Channel before will get an update.

Best Practice

Your tasks have a better chance of getting quick attention if they can be easily understood, are brief and contain everything a Geek needs to know.

Small Tasks

  • Be as specific about what you want to achieve.
  • Provide annotated screenshots where possible.
  • Don't forget to indicate the urgency (priority) of the task.

Larger Projects

Check first:

  • Is this speculative or is there a client's budget for this?
  • What would you be expecting to charge clients to use it?
  • Is there a plug-in that already does what you want, or fulfils most of your client's requirements?

Custom coding is expensive

Anything with significant functionality can easily cost £20k or more. We cannot give a quote without first doing Systems Analysis, which can easily cost 10% of the final implementation cost. This preliminary stage takes your detailed requirements and turn them into a development spec.

Choosing your channel

Geek Channels help you explain what type of problem you're having, so you can get help from the right people.

Save time: choose the appropriate channel

Nettl Geeks watch the channels they are most expert in.

Wordpress, Brambl and Prestashop are all different platforms with different support. So if you're asking a question about Prestashop in a Wordpress channel you'll only confuse people and make it harder to get quick support.

Following Channels

Following a channel means you get email updates whenever someone asks or answers a question, and is a great way to learn about how to solve real problems people are having. 

You have 3 options for how much emails you want to get from the Geek Channel, which can be chosen on Workgroup > Projects > Geeks after pressing each channel:

  • Only questions I'm involved in
  • New and closed questions
  • Watch all activity

Press a channel to see the option, you can follow more or less on each channel.

No matter what you choose, if you raise a question you'll get emailed updates whenever someone else comments on it. But you can also choose to see what questions come in and when they're closed, if you want to learn what problems other Nettl studios are having and how to get around them. You can also choose to watch all activity, but that's alot of emails and we expect most people will choose to watch their own issues or new and closed.

Help others

The Geek Community is open to answers from anyone who can help.

Among Nettl Studios, there are people who have worked with different platforms and plugins, who have different skills. The central nettl :geek team will reply to questions, but if you can help someone out then you can be an honorary Geek in your own specialities.

How to be an honorary Geek

  1. Head to Workgroup > Project > Geeks to see a summary of active questions.

  2. You can see if there have been any replies yet or not, and also you can search Closed tasks to see if your question has been answered before.

  3. To reply to a question, simply add an update like you would reply to a Task. You can still add screenshots or use a text editor to help explain the problem/solution.

  4. An email of your reply will be sent around to the followers of the Geek Channel.


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