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TCAPI: Buying a PDF

John Valentine
by John Valentine 5 years ago

Protecting your cashflow

A PDF is bought when you call /makePDF/; a charge is made to your account.

You should endeavour to protect your cashflow by ensuring that whenever you are charged the small fee by TemplateCloud, you are charging your customer enough margin to cover the fee.

It might help to design your workflow so that it does not allow tight editing cycles.

Also remember to use the sandbox when developing and testing.

Avoiding PDF exploitation

If further edits are needed after makePDF, you’ll need to generate a new template instance from a template, which carries a further charge because that uses makePDF. As with the “protecting your cashflow” warning, you’ll want to avoid creating lots of instances for the same chargeable item on your site. For example, you’ll need to take payment before offering PDFs or derived works to your customer.


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