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John Valentine
by John Valentine 5 years ago


1. Is there some technical documentation where my engaged developer can learn how it works, and assess how easy it would be to integrate?

Besides this document, go to and request an API key.

The API is simple to integrate, and most of your time will usually be spent getting your database and website into the right ‘shape’.

TemplateCloud Capabilities

2. Listing Templates: Is it possible for me to pre-set and exclude some of the Filter? Can I hide the options?

The beauty of the TemplateCloud API is that it is totally customisable. If you only wanted to sell Business Cards, or blue coloured designs, or leaflets for beauty spas, you only request those thumbnails. You can filter out any designs you don't want to display by price, product type, size, colour type or just about any attribute you can think of.

3. Can a customer edit an old order?

Yes, it is possible to create a new instance as a reorder of a previous design. The original stays ‘intact’, but the copy can be pre filled with same text/images so that they can start from a previous design. Each time you request a new PDF, we charge a design fee.

4. I’m making a Business Card website where customers order for many employees...?

Since you are controlling the shopping cart/checkout process, you can treat this as a single order from the client's perspective.

Using the API you would just create (say) 5 instances, and include them all in same basket on your site.

Regardless of whether you're ordering them separately or all together, each card consumes the same service/server load and we pay the same royalties to the designer, we would charge for 5 PDFs.

5. Do the templates have Spot UV layer?

We support spot UV, die-cut shapes, embossing and foil blocking.

However, we [at the time of writing] don't have any designs in the TemplateCloud library which currently have any of those finishes. If you were adding content to the TemplateCloud library, we can teach you how to set these up – it’s simple.

API-consuming services

6. Do I keep my existing checkout and banking process?

Yes. TemplateCloud API provides the three services that help your customer select a template, edit the design, and for you to request a PDF of the customised design. Your website charges your customers.   

7. When do I incur transactional charges?

Only when you call /instances/<instance_id>/makePDF.  

8. Where do I find template prices?

The /templates/<template_id> API call gives you the pricing  of each template:

template.price = the price we advise you to sell to your customer (the “retail price”);

template.click_price will always be 0,00 for you and is thus redundant;

template.cost_price = the price we will charge you for generating the PDF.

9. What is the URL for the live TemplateCloud API?

We do not publish the address of the live TemplateCloud API to prospective developers, until we have assessed their release candidate.

10. Template editing fails. How do I build the hashed ‘instance ID’?

We describe how to build extraParams: asset_key in detail,  in Populating or Customizing a Template.


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