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TCAPI: Mapping your products

John Valentine
by John Valentine 5 years ago

TemplateCloud templates are designed for an item of known size. It is expected that you have a list of products, each product having a size that can be matched to the templates in TemplateCloud.

So that you can present appropriate templates to your customers, you should select only the /template_sizes/ that have sizes corresponding to your products, i.e. matching template_size.width, template_size.height, and template_size.bleed.

TemplateCloud contains templates in landscape and portrait orientations, so there might be additional matches when height and width are swapped, or compare [min(h,w), max(h,w)] of template size and your product.

One approach would be to create a table defined like this:

Column Description
template_size_id ID from /template_sizes/, also used in template.size.
myProduct Your own product code.

With example data like this:

template_size_id myProduct
A4 StatPremA4
13rd StatPremCompl
A4 DistroLeafA4

Query your table to retrieve all template_size_id values, and feed them into the sizes parameter of the /templates/ API call.


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