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John Valentine
by John Valentine 5 years ago

Request template size by id


Retrieves a template size. Note that we do not publish these IDs in the API, so this is of limited use. Instead, just retrieve all template sizes.

Request list of template sizes


Retrieves all available template sizes.

Parameter Description
user_key Your application’s key, from 
format json or xml
templatesize_id One template size id (optional; deprecated)
units imperial or metric (optional).
HTTP request
HTTP response (JSON)
    "template_sizes" : [
            "code" : "A4",
            "name" : "A4",
            "width" : "210.0000",
            "height" : "297.0000",
            "bleed" : "1.5000",
            "units" : "mm"
        }, {
            "code" : "A5",
            "name" : "A5",
            "width" : "148.0000",
            "height" : "210.0000",
            "bleed" : "1.5000",
            "units" : "mm"


References to template sizes

  • Use template.size.code to find templates having that template size, when include contains size.

  • Hidden: The unpublished can be used as a template size argument in the API call, to retrieve a single template size:


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