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TGI: Features and Behaviour

Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 7 years ago

Below is a list of what TGI draws in the documents it generates.

You probably don't need to read this, unless you're looking for something specific.

All Products


The required number of pages will be generated in the document, depending on product specification. Where a product has a reverse, the even-numbered pages will be reverses.


TGI places artwork on these layers:

Layer Name Notes
Foreground Your regular artwork layer, where you place your design.
Dimensions Shows sizes of some features.
QuietZone Areas that you should leave clear of important elements.
FoldCrease Folds and creases (where there are no die-cut guides).
Trim Trimmed and shaped edges.
Messages Hints about the product or spec.
Identity Job and product information.
Finishing Finishing markings that must be topmost on the artwork, e.g. die-cut, or page frame.


Identifier Text

At the top of the pasteboard area, above Page 1, on the Identity layer, a text box contains basic information about the document: product code, information about TGI, the date and time of creation, and if supplied, the job number.

Page Frame

On all pages, a page frame box of the appropriate thickness and colour, on the Finishing layer.


The first page shows dimension lines on the top and left edges, on the Dimensions layer, detailing the PDF width and height, and the finished width and height.

Quiet Zones

These are marked in blue QUIET-ZONE colour, on the QuietZone layer, showing areas that should be kept clear of essential design elements. This layer is hidden by default, and can be revealed by clicking on the ‘eye box’ (leftmost column) next to the QuietZone layer in the Layers palette.

Trim Guides

These are marked in purple TRIM-GUIDES colour, on the Trim layer, showing where the product will be trimmed.

Design Notes

Any Design Notes stored in Flyerlink® will be shown in the left side of the pasteboard.

Mini Brochures and folded products


Panels are generated for standard Mini Brochure products.

Red page frame for front panel

A red page frame is drawn to indicate the front panel on the finished item. Check that this is as you require, particularly with One-Piece Mailers, reverse folds, and roll-folded Mini Brochures.


Where a simple perforation option is specified on leaflet products, the parallel edge closest to the perforation is marked with a dashed green+white line.


Booklets only

Pages shown as spreads

This is only to assist with visualisation of the layout.

See Designing for Production to understand why some elements should not run continuously across a spread (3 mm is trimmed from each page at the spine).

Booklet Creep

TGI has the capability to show the inward creeping of the outer trimmed edge on Booklet products, but we have not yet applied this to our product range. If you need to produce a document for a Booklet product that shows creeping trim guides and quiet zones, then please contact with your needs.

Die-cut, creased, embossed, and spot-UV products

Half-creased products (Greetings Cards, etc)

TGI prompts for ‘short crease’ or ‘long crease’.

A crease line is placed at the centre of the design. Warnings are given for tent-like orientations.

Rounded Corners

Crystal Credit Cards, Premium (round corner) Cards, and Premium Pocket Calendars, etc., are presented with the required die-cut shape.


Add solid shapes to the Finishing layer, using swatch colours: OPULEAF-GOLD, OPULEAF-SILVER.


Add solid shapes to the Finishing layer, using swatch colour: SPOT-UV.


Add solid shapes to the Finishing layer, using swatch colour: EMBOSSINI.

Large Format only

  • 2 pt Page Frame on the Finishing layer
  • 10 mm Quiet Zone.


For Banners having eyelets, TGI will place eyelets with the correct spacing. This also works with custom-sized Banners.


If you chose a Style in Finishing Options, then artwork for the shape is provided by TGI.

If you are modifying an existing folder design, then you will need to unlock and ungroup the elements before editing.




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