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What is FLAPI (Flyerlink API)?

John Valentine
by John Valentine 9 years ago
FLAPI is a collection of services, which share a common access point.

API Subsets

We’ve organised these into sub-APIs, to create selective subsets of FLAPI, aimed at implementing a type of service:

P-FLAPI For Producers to fetch jobs that have been sold via Flyerlink, a franchisee, or channel.
M-FLAPI For w3marketplace suppliers, to create products to be sold in Flyerlink channels
S-FLAPI Stock management, to help fulfil jobs needing materials or off-the-shelf goods.


Product specifications (get, create)    
Product prices (get, create)    
Product categories (get)    
Product tags (get, create)    
Product groups (get, create)    
Customers (get, create, update) get get  
Customer addresses (get, create, update) get get  
Jobs (get, create, update) get, upd get, upd  
Job despatches (get, create)  
Job finances (get, create, update, delete) get get  
Orders (get, create, list jobs, add package, update) get, list get, list  
Payments (get) get get  
Invoices (get)  
Runs (get, get filtered, accept)    
Jobs in runs (get, delete) get    
Run types (get, create)    
Stock control functionality       TBC



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