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Why can't you use my font?

Fiona Reid
by Fiona Reid 5 years ago

About fonts and services

Font licensing

A completely different licence is required to allow the use of a font of a web based solution, compared to that of simply using a font to design on a computer and send a file to print.

Many font foundries simply do not offer a web server licence, therefore their fonts cannot be used in a live online publishing environment. Those that do, charge in the region of £500 to £1,000 per style, per font, per year.

For the font used on your artwork, we might not have a web server licence. It is likely not to be cost-effective to use your font. Here's a bit more information on fonts...

Background artwork does not need a font

Only the editable text needs a font licence. Non-editable elements like logos can be reproduced as background artwork, without needing an expensive web licence. If your font is used for text that needs to be editable in a template, then keep reading.

Pretty close match

It's quite likely that our extensive catalogue of fonts will contain one that is pretty close to the font used on your artwork.

If you can accept that font style (on the editable areas only), then you should use that font, and enjoy the benefits of w3p.


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