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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 4 years ago

Products in Flyerlink can allow customers to choose any size. Any size is especially useful for large format ranges of banners or the fabric display produced by Grafenia.

Creating any size products

To create a product with any size head to Workgroup > My Products > Products > Create

Choose the "Other sizes" group and then "Choose your size"

When you make a product with this size, you'll see new options for a minimum size, maximum size and default page size.

Your minimum size is the smallest possible size you can make with this product code.
The default size is the size a client sees by default. We recommend using 1000 x 1000mm ( 1 m² ). The default size is also used as the lowest possible price point, so you can include a size that covers all your set up costs for the default size.
The maximum size is the largest possible size a client can order.

Any size pricing

Pricing for any-sized products is based on per m².

A job of 2000 x 2000 mm will make 4m².
We will then multiple the cost you enter for each product by 4 to get the price for that job.

If a job is ordered with a size that's smaller than your default size, we will still charge the client for the default size to cover set up costs.

On a job, the price is recalculated after a size is entered and saved.

Choosing any size on a job

Once you've created a product that allows any size, you can create a job with that product code.

When you do you'll see an any size option that lets you choose between the minimum size, default size, maximum size and custom size.

If you choose a custom size, you'll be able to enter your own size.

You'll see what the size you've chosen works out in m².

When you save, we will then recalculate the prices for the job.

Remember to save a job to see the new price.

Online ordering

It's also possible to order any size products online.

When someone views an any size product, they'll see a popup that asks what size they would like to choose within your minimum and maximum range.

They can adjust the size within the configure your printing page, product group page, and personal catalogue.

Any size products are not available for use on templates.


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