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Customer credit & payment controls

by Fabrice 2 years ago

Flyerlink comes inbuilt with credit controls you can set against customers or microsites.

Setting up credit limits for your customers

If you want to set up a credit limit for your customer

Head to Workgroup > Customers > View/Amend

In the Financials section, change the payment terms from CASH to another option.

This payment term will be applied to all customer invoices, and will also show an offline payment option on the checkout payment page when they order online.

Once you choose a non-cash payment term, you are able to enter a credit limit.

When that credit limit is exceeded, we apply a job control to all jobs created in Flyerlink or ordered online that exceed the credit limit you've set.

We also email your client explaining the credit limit has been exceeded and payment will be required to progress the job.

We also email the client and apply the credit limit exceeded job control if they exceed credit terms (by ordering with overdue invoices that require payment). As soon as the overdue invoices are paid online, we release the jobs they've just ordered allowing them into production.

You can see if the customer has outstanding invoices requiring payment by going to Workgroup > Customers > View/Amend > Financials > Invoices

Setting up credit limits for microsites

You can also add credit limits to your microsites

Choosing the payment terms here will apply to your invoices, but you can set a limit you expect to be spent per customer or category.

If you can't set a limit on an individual customer, you'll need to tick "Credit limits vary by franchisee/licensee/department" on Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend

The automated applying of job controls doesn't happen if your controling credit by microsite.

Should I use credit controls?

Offering credit to customers is a risk, as you can incur costs for the order and fail to recoup payment. It is also useful for winning large contracts.

Check out our advice on the Payment Directive to see if you should offer credit to your clients.

Payment and credit job controls

There are two payment controls you can add to your jobs via Workgroup > Jobs > View/Amend > Notes > Waiting

  • Credit limit exceeded
  • Waiting for payment

Choosing these opens up an email template to your customer, that you can edit.

After these controls are applied, if your customer pays for the job we will automatically remove the control and send an email to you saying the control has been removed and the job can be progressed.


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