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Examples of Popular Products Tags

by Fabrice 6 months ago

Popular Products Tags

Product Group pages display products by Size and Colour Type.

If two Products share the same Size and Colour Type, Leaflets and Flyers for example. Product tags must be used to display them correctly online.

You can view your Products Tags here:
Workgroup > My Products  > Products > Edit

 Product Tag Order: 

  • Product Type (Flyers);
  • Substrate (Card);
  • Substrate Weight (Medium weight card);
  • Product Style (280gsm Gloss).  

Your product will not show online if the Substrate Tag is missing.

Each tag takes the customer down a different route to find the product they are after and should be unique.

For example:

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A5 Leaflet Products Tags

Substrate > Substrate Weight > Product Style
Paper > Thickest Paper > 150gsm Gloss
Paper > Thickest Paper > 170gsm Silk

A5 Flyer Products Tags

Substrate > Substrate Weight > Product Style
Card > Medium Weight Card > 280gsm Gloss
Card > Medium Weight Card > 
280gsm Silk

Business Cards

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1. 400gsm Silk Business Card

Colour Type: Full Colour Both Sides

2. 400gsm Silk Business Card + Matt Lamination

Colour Type: Full Colour Both Sides

3. 400gsm Silk Business Card + Matt Lamination + Spot UV

Colour Type: Full Colour Both Sides + Spot UV Front

Both Business Card products use the same Product Tags, the Colour Type (under Technical Specification) is used to differentiate between the two products in the Configure Your printing menu.

Folded Leaflets

150gsm Gloss Folded Leaflet

Christmas/Greeting Cards

400gsm Silk Greeting Card


130gsm Gloss Booklet

Colour Type: Full Colour booklet: 8 pages

Roller Banner Stands

Roller banner Stand with 170gsm Silk Film Poster


Roller banner Stand with 150 Micron Matt Film Poster




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