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The Software

We have built into Flyerlink® a suite of software that when combined, allow us to validate and report on PDF, Tif and Jpg files reducing manual intervention. This current installation supersedes the old online preflighter and also Enfocus Instant PDF which is now obsolete and thus no longer supported.

When should it be used?

Flyerlink® FileCheck is available for use with most products available to order from within Flyerlink®. It can be used for in-house designed PDFs, or for validating client supplied PDFs.

The software can check, correct and report on PDF files from all the major software applications:

  • InDesign®
  • Illustrator®
  • Photoshop®
  • QuarkXpress®
  • Corel Draw®
  • Microsoft Word®
  • Microsoft Publisher®
  • Apple Works®
  • Apple Keynote®
  • Serif Page Plus®

Are there any limitations?

The software has been set up to check and repair many artwork elements that may cause your PDF to print unexpectedly. However, there may be artwork contained within PDF files that cannot be corrected. Like with checking PDFs and native files manually, there are from time to eventualities that cannot be foreseen.

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