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Help, it's not working as expected!

Should you have any unexpected results from the Flyerlink® FileCheck when checking your final PDF then please email sending your job number, the original PDF file, and a detailed description of the issue. A member of the team will then be in touch. If the job is time critical you may elect to process the PDF manually.

PDF Errors

Jobs that become locked in Flyerlink®

There are a small number of errors that may occur when using the software, resulting in your job becoming locked out in Flyerlink®. If your job becomes locked for more than 30 minutes please email the job number to and we will unlock the job for you.

If you are using the system outside of business hours, or your job is urgent then you will need to set up a new job and Validate the PDF manually. Still send us the email if you set up a new job so that we can investigate and unlock and cancel the old job.

Corrupt PDF or Corrupt Fonts Error

It could be that if the file couldn’t be processed, then it is likely to be that the PDF is corrupt, or the fonts embedded in the PDF are corrupt. To check if the PDF is corrupt then try opening the PDF in Photoshop. If that fails to open then there is an issue with the PDF. You can also Place the supplied PDF into an InDesign template, then create a new PDF that you can then upload to Flyerlink® to be checked.


If the PDF contains security that has been added in Acrobat, then the software may not able to check it. Most security can be removed by opening the file in Apple Preview, then going to File > Save As.
Then once resaved, upload the new PDF to Flyerlink®.

PDF resized incorrectly.

The resizing of files is by far the most complex area of the FileChecker. We’ve had some feedback that the cropping or scaling  doesn't always produce the required results, but this is only on certain PDFs, normally when the internal measurements are undersize but the actual page is oversize. We have implemented a solution to FileCheck 2.0 that works on over 99% of files sent through.

If you do receive a PDF from the FileCheck that isn't behaving as expected please email it to and we will take a look at it within the hour for you.

Known FileCheck 2.0 Issues

  • Items in the Quiet Zone. This sometimes warns about design elements that are bled to the page edge. We are planning to refine this.
  • We plan to add a conversion to change any 4 colour black vector graphics, or any items set in Registration to just be 100%K.
  • Custom Size Large Format Posters can be set to be FileChecked, but they return a 6x6mm PDF. Custom Size Large Format Posters need to be checked manually.



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