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Die-cut: Forme complexity limits

Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 2 months ago

If your job is going to be die-cut, and the product allows custom formes, then it is acceptable to use any combination of cuts, perforations, creases and punched holes, providing that the total number of 'anchor points' does not exceed the maximum allowed, dependant on the flat size of the product.

Flat size Anchor point limit
Simple Complex
Smaller than A4 15 23
A4 or larger 20 28

The complex forme finishing option is available for most die-cut products and carries and additional charge.

Definition of 'anchor points' qualifying for limits

Count the 'anchor points' (including endpoints), but not the manipulation handles. Each punched hole counts as 2 anchor points.

Simple shape with 13 Anchor Points:

Simple shape with 12 Anchor Points:



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