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Production Methods

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 7 years ago


This guide explains how to set up Production Methods to improve the workflow of your production if you're using w3p to manage it.

What are Production Methods?

Production Methods are the way to manage how your products or your suppliers' products are produced. Each method is made up of a set of Production Steps.

Production Steps are the series of steps involved in producing a product. For example, you may choose a Step to "Upload files into the printer" or "Check ink levels".

By default, all products created via Workgroup > My Products > Products > Create are made with a simple Production Method that just uses a "Print/Make" Production Step.

The Production Steps you add are visible when a product has been ordered in the Production > Dashboard > Jobs to Make pages.

The Production Dashboard can also filter by Production Method, to help you gang or group similar jobs together.

How do I create a new Production Method?

To create a new Production Method, go to Workgroup > My Products > Production Methods > Create.

Add some basic details, like your Production Method's name and any extra notes you need to distinguish between this and other Production Methods, then choose Create Production Method.

How do I add Production Steps?

Once you've created a production method, you can edit it via Workgroup > My Products > Production Methods > View/Amend.

To add a new production step, choose the Add new step (+) link.


You can then choose to add an existing Production Step you've already created for other Production Methods:

Or you can create a new Production Step.

You can adjust the order your production steps need to be applied, using the Green and Blue arrows.

And you can add Must-do rules, ensuring another task can only happen in production when a previous task has taken place.