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Redirections on w3shops

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About Redirections

Redirections are URLs that link to another webpage. They are commonly used to help users find webpages, or to replace pages that are now redundant.

You can set up redirections through Flyerlink, using a Short url.

This guide explains how to set up redirections for your w3shop

Redirections in your w3shop

There are two ways of adding Redirections for your w3shop:

  • As a permanent redirect.
  • As a redirection w3shop page type.

Use permanent redirects to replace now discontinued pages with a more relavent page.

Use the redirection page type to add menus links to Internal pagesor External websites.

Permanent Redirects

You can now view existing and add new permanent redirections for your whole microsite via Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > Redirects.

To create a new one, simply press Create Redirect

Add your old redundant url page in the Original URL, then enter the page you'd like it to redirect to in the Redirect Location.

You'll be able to add any link into the Original URL that includes your w3shop main domain or aliased domains.

To try out the redirect, enter the old url to your browser and check it goes where you want.

To prevent permanent redirect loops on your homepage, a url slug is required for your redirection location.

If your homepage has no url-slug, you can simply add "/"

Redirection Page Type

Linking to Internal Pages

Some w3shop pages like Product Group pages are automatically generated, and you don't need to make a new page type for each one.

However, if you'd like to make a header or footer link you can do so using the Redirection page type.

Adding a Redirection page

  1. Go to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsite > View/Amend > Microsite Pages > Create.
  2. Choose the Redirection page type;
  3. Add a url slug you want to redirect from;
  4. Add the full url of the product group you want to link to;
  5. Choose whether you want it to be part of:
    • a dropdown header menu
    • the footer

Linking to External Pages

If there is a website you really like, or if part of your w3shop is hosted by another web provider. You can use redirection links to external sites.

The set up is the same, but your URL should be an external webpage.

301 or 302 redirect, which should I choose?

Search engines prefer 301 redirections to 302 redirections, however we default to 302 redirections.

The difference is that 302 redirections are easier to change.

301 redirections are cached in a browser memory, if you need to change one of these redirections you will need to refresh the browser cache of everyone who's used the link.

While this is good when you know a page will never change, you may want to use 302 while testing to ensure they are correct before making it harder to undo a mistake.


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