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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 4 years ago

Nettl and studios are given a complimentary local telepath phone number that is used on branded marketing collateral.

The telepath number is used by default for all your marketing collateral
The more you publish the number the more calls you'll get in and the more intelligent lookups

What does the telepath number do?

When someone calls the telepath number, they will hear a voice artist explain the number is being redirected to their local nettl studio

When that call comes through, you will see in Flyerlink the telephone icon in your menu updates to show there's an active call

Click the active call and if the telephone number is already in Flyerlink for a known customer we'll add a link to view that customer in Flyerlink.

This can save you time needing to ask the client for their recent job details, name and address. If they call you can find out who they are and gain vital context about what they might be calling about.

If the phone number is a new one, or not associated to an existing contact, you can come back later and click recent call to show a list of the telephone numbers that have rang in
There's a link to create a new customer and when that's done they'll be automatically assigned the telephone number the client rang in with
If it's an existing customer, you can find that customer and add the telephone so next time they ring you know exactly who they are.

What's the 0800 number?

Nettl and have a 0800 number that is shown to customers before they're logged into the shop.

If one of your customers dial in, we lookup existing telephone numbers to redirect them to their local studio

Failing that the client is recommended local studios based on their location and put through to the one the client chooses.


How do I change the number telepath routes to?

Head to Workgroup > Admin > Workgroup Settings > View/Amend > Telepath Call Routing

Update the telephone number it redirects to


Do I need to pay extra for this phone number?

The telepath number is included in your licence fee

You will need to pay for minutes on the telephone line that telepath redirects to, as before, but there are no extra charges for the teepath routing, intelligent customer lookup, and no line rental charge for the maintaining of the number.


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