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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 4 years ago

What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a tool to help you keep track of sales performance.
All it offers is the truth, nothing more.

The Matrix shows an overview of all jobs that have been allocated to production runs and printed over the month you're looking at. The sales are shown use the job net total (excluding VAT) compared to the job transfer price.

The Matrix is similar to the period end report, but visualises the breakdown of sales into different groupings:

  • Litho print
  • Digital print
  • Large format
  • Ink on fabric
  • Brambl
  • Websites
  • Other (including opensource products)

You can easily see on the Matrix which of these contributes most to your total, and which you could be doing better in.

The Matrix also allows you to see how this months performance compares to the same month last year, and lets you set sales targets specific to each of these revenue groupings.

Setting targets using the Matrix

Targets are set per workgroup (if you have more than 1 workgroup, you will need to choose the one you want to add a sales target on).

Once you've chosen the workgroup, double click the Sales Price Target row for the revenue group you want to add a target to.

Then add the amount you are hoping to achieve that month.

From the screenshot you can set a target amount and/or a target margin.

The first half is the target amount, the second is a target margin. In the vs Target you can see what percentage short or what percentage you have exceeded the targets you set.

Click through detail

If you'd like to know what jobs are making up your figures, click on the row you want to see more of.

You'll see a break down of the jobs and the amounts contributing to the total.

Download as CSV

Both the Matrix grid and click through details can be downloading in a CSV format for you to take a snap shot of the current activity.

Numbers on the Matrix will change if customers are moved to different workgroups, or if more jobs are printed in the month.


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