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Warnings & Correction List (Reviewing Your FileCheck Report)

Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 8 years ago

Reviewing Your FileCheck Report

If your file fails FileCheck you can correct it manually:

If your job becomes locked during FileChecking, for more than 30 minutes please email the job number to and we will unlock the job for you.

Full list of exactly what FileCheck will check, correct and report on.


FileCheck Correction Action
Page Size Correction – If the page size is oversize then the PDF will be cropped, if the page is undersize then the PDF will be scaled up.
Remove printers items

Removes items outside of the page dimensions such as printers crop marks and colour bars.

Fonts Where permissions allow, all fonts will be converted to outlines. The only exception to this is if the fonts embedded are corrupt or not supplied within the PDF.
Colour of bitmap images Any non-CMYK images (LAB, RGB etc) will be converted to CMYK using a generic profile. Greyscale images are left untouched.
Colour of vector elements Any non-CMYK vector artwork (Pantone®, LAB, RGB etc) will be converted to CMYK.
Ink Levels Where possible, reduces any ink over our recommended total CMYK percentages to a more suitable level.
TGI Layers and elements Removes the Quiet Zone, Trim Lines and Folding Guides from any PDFs supplied with them visible (providing that the Spot Colours and names haven’t been changed from the TGI template).
Layers  Removes hidden layers in the PDF.
Registration Colour Any elements set in Registration or All will be converted to Black only
Finishing Colours Where an extra finishing spot colour is required, we will automatically set the spot colours to overprint.
Hairline stroke widths Any stroke widths that are less than 0.24pt are corrected to 0.25pt.
Large Format Images Resamples any images over 200dpi to be 150dpi.


FileCheck Warning Action
Image Resolution Warns if images are present that are less than 150dpi.
Image Resolution Warns if images are present that are less than 80dpi. Always check that your PDF is suitable for print if an image is lower than 80dpi.
Image Resoultion Warns if colour or greyscale images are above 450dpi. You may wish to resample any images above 450dpi to decrease file processing times.
Graphic element outside
page dimensions
Warns if there are elements outside of the page dimensions.
Items in Quiet Zone Warns of any elements within the 5.5mm recommended Quiet Zone or Safe Zone.
Overprint Warns of any overprint that is present in vector strokes or fills.

Transparency present
Warns that transparency or layer effects are present in the PDF and that the new post FileCheck PDF should be visually checked.
Artwork tint below 5% Warns of any strokes or fills that are below 5% per CMYK channel.
Text below 5pt Warns if there is any text present below 5pt.

Text below 12pt using tertiary colours

Warns of any text present that is below 12pt and using 3 or more of the CMYK printing channels.


FileCheck Failure Action
Number of pages Fails if the number of pages supplied in the PDF doesn’t match those set in Workgroup > Jobs > View/Amend> Files for Production.
PDF quality Fails if the PDF is corrupt.
Font Issue Fails if a font cannot be converted to outlines.
Font Issue Fails if certain TTF fonts contain more than one encoding in their character mapping tables.
Overprinting White Text Fails if there is white text set on Overprint.
Ink Levels Fails if the coated ink levels are too high and can’t be fixed by the ink reduction feature in FileCheck.

Visual Validation Check List

Check Manual Action
Elements too close to page edge Check and correct if required any elements that are closer than 5.5 from the page edge that don’t bleed to the page edge.
Overprint Use Acrobat Output Preview to check for overprint.
Extra Separations Use Acrobat Output Preview to check for any extra separations in addition to CMYK. Ensure that your extra finishing spot colours are set correctly.

Check to ensure that no elements have moved or disappeared.

Raster Images/Text

Check the pdf to ensure raster images and text do not look pixelated



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