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Works Makers: Colour Types

Tom Williams
by Tom Williams 4 years ago

Colour Types are used to create Single Sided and Double Sided products. They also determine the number of pages to be supplied and the choice of colours available to your customers.

Popular Colour Types are listed below:

  • Full Colour
  • Full Colour Front
  • Full Colour Both Sides
  • Full Colour Front + Spot UV Front
  • Full Colour Both Sides + Spot UV Both Sides
  • Full Colour Front + Silver Leaf (Foil Blocking)
  • Full Colour Both Sides Front + Silver Leaf Front (Foil Blocking)
  • Large Format: Full Colour Front
  • Large Format: Full Colour Both Sides
  • Embroidered
  • 1 colour front
  • 2 colour front
  • 1 colour front :: 1 colour reverse

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