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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 2 years ago


This article explains how Product Tags work to filter your products online.

When you make products via Workgroup > Production > My Products, you may have noticed a Sorting & Searching Section.

The highlight of this section is the ability to add Product Tags. These help users distinguish between your different product options.

Please note: You need to add Substrate, Substrate Weight and Product Style to show on product group pages and the configure your printing page.

How many tags should I use?

Best practice is to add 1:
(Blue) Product Tag,
(Purple) Substrate Tag,
(Pink) Substrate Weight Tag, and
(Orange) Product Style Tag.

These provide different choices for users on the Quick Quote tool.

You can add as many Product Type Tags and Product Options Tags as you want. But only 1 of each of the other types.

Provided there is at least one difference in the tags, the Quick Quote will be able to tell the two products apart.

There is a hierarchy to tags. The Quick Quote looks up Substrate tags first for the Printed on dropown menu. The Thickness dropdown uses Substrate Weight tags and the Finish uses Product Style tags.

You cannot skip tags.
Adding a Product Style tag without a Substrate tag will confuse the quick quote.

(Grey) Product Option Tag

Each Product Options Tag is visible as a tickbox on the Configure your printing page.

The idea is that Product Options can be toggled on and off
For this to work you will need

1 product with a Substrate, Substrate Weight, Product Style AND Product Option tag
And another product with the same details, the same Substrate, Substrate Weight, Product Style tags BUT NO  Product Option tag.

Try to avoid Product Option tags, as they can be difficult to remove for users.
You can use Product Style instead with as much information in to distinguish between products as possible.

Best Practice

Use the product stock as a way to distinguish products using the Product Style Tag. Maybe come up with your own system of what a "Thick Card" or a "Thin Card" is, or use the Product Style Tag as your own brand name for the product.


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