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Works Makers: Production Dashboard

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 2 years ago


This article explains:

  1. How to use the Production Dashboard.
  2. The difference between Jobs to accept, Jobs to make and Jobs to despatch

Production Dashboard

As a Works Maker you have access to the Production menu in Flyerlink.

Through this menu, you can access all jobs, that are waiting to be made by you.

Go to Production > Dashboard and you'll see an overview of the jobs that are in production:

The page is responsive but designed to work on desktop or landscape iPad, not mobile or portrait iPad.

The screen is split into 4 sections:

  • Jobs to accept
  • Jobs to make
  • In progress
  • To despatch

You will see a job card for each job in each section

Click a card to see more details about the job, and use the tabs to find out more or act upon a production step

Jobs to Accept

The Jobs to accept columns shows all jobs which are at Status 081 and haven't yet been accepted or had a production step started.

You can filter by production step or production method to only accept specific jobs.

To accept 1 job, drag one card into the accept tile

It will then move into the Jobs to make section.

You can click the accept all jobs to move them all over - or just start acting on the production steps by clicking a card, going to the steps tab and confirming a production step has started or is in progress.


If you want to reject a job, because it doesn't conform to your requirements, drag the card instead into the Reject job tile.

That'll put the job to status 091 and notify the workgroup that placed the order.

Status 091
If you reject a job or change the status to 091, it will be sent back to the person that generated the order and you cannot produce it.

Status 094
If there are file conformance issues but you are still willing to produce the job, choose status 094.

JobMaker Pack

To produce a job you will need the job files
You can get these by clicking a job, choosing Files tab

You'll see a list

Hit Download JobMaker Pack to get a ZIP containing:

  • The PDF files;
  • The orderlist as a CSV and XML file for import into another app;
  • A worksheet with each of the production steps you've defined;
  • A draft packing slip to show the address it needs shipped to:

When you download a JobMaker pack we move that job from To Accept to To Make
You can still reject the job afterwards if needed

Assigning jobs to staff

Along the right side you'll see a list of users in the production workgroup

Drag a card to a production user to assign it to that person

You can then tick the staff member on the side to filter only out and only show their work in progress

Job to make

Once you've accepted jobs, they move to Jobs to make:

Drag a card onto Next step tile to see the next step

Or click a job and choose the Steps tab

Here you'll see a list of each of the Production Steps you've added on Workgroup > My Products > Production Methods > View/Amend displayed as a start or done button.
As a minimum you will have print & despatch but can add more.

The next step to do is highlighted as a green button, others need to be clicked to expand and start.

If you've set any Must do steps, that step is locked until the previous step is completed.

Once the step is completed, simply press done step. Flyerlink will record who progressed the step and when, incase there are any issues with the production.
Choose Start to record time taken between start & finish.

Jobs to despatch

Once you've made your jobs, you need to despatch them. The ones with just a despatch left will show in the "To despatch" column

To do this click the despatch step

Click the Print box labels to start the despatch process. Flyerlink will show you all jobs going to the same address, by the same despatch method, in case you want to put more than one job in the same box. Just tick the jobs you're despatching and choose the quantity & number of boxes required:

On the next screen, print the despatch labels, actual packing slips and get the despatch details as a CSV file if you want to import them somewhere else:

Changing the despatch method

If you would like to change the despatch method before despatching

Click a job and choose the Despatch tab

Click the Change Despatch option

Choose the option and save then you can despatch


Viewing Delivery Labels after Despatch

Follow the steps below to view and print delivery labels after despatch.

  1. Production > Jobs > View/Amend
  2. Job Summary > Runs - Select Run Number
  3. Run Summary > Despatch > Existing Despatches - Select Despatch Number
  4. Despatch - Main Details > Job Items - Print

Email notifications

You'll receive an email once an order has been placed for you to Accept, Make and Despatch each job.


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