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Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 2 years ago

Our Font Library

We have purchased an ongoing Server Licence for over 2,700 fonts from the Linotype Originals 2.0 Library, plus 600 or so more from other libraries, for use in our online applications. We have also incorporated the top 100 Google fonts.

Refer to the Template Font List in Flyerlink® to see the complete list of fonts currently available to use within Editable Text Objects in a Template: Template Font List

Fonts that are not on the Template Font List can be used in non-editable areas of a template; however, they must be converted to outlines or used within a rasterised image.

Font not available

If a client uses a font not found in the Template Font List, we advise that you suggest using an alternative font that is included in the Template Font List. Remember, this font only needs to be used in editable areas of a Template, and their standard font can be used everywhere else. Many clients may also have an acceptable secondary font listed in their brand manual.


If you need to find a similar font for a client to match our library, then try using - once you find something close, just cross reference it with our Template Font List

Font Substitution

When creating a template, if you do not possess the exact version of the fonts featured in the Template Font List (eg. You may have ‘Diverda Sans Com Regular’ but not ‘Diverda Sans LT Std Regular’) then you can use your existing version, and then swap it at the build stage provided that the version that you own is in .otf (Opentype) or TTF (True Type) format. Alternatively, you could purchase the exact version to help with laying out your Template designs.

Only substitute fonts using OpenType or True Type font types

The font substitution tool will only work with OpenType (OTF) and True Type (TTF) fonts.

Postscript Type 1 fonts are not suitable for substitution. In addition, do not mix Open Type and True Type fonts of the same family, as this will cause the font substitution to fail.


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