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Templates Overview

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This section covers some background information on web 2 print templates and also some advice on fonts.

Templates Overveiw

Building Templates Software Requirements Building Templates Software Requirements

A bit about fonts A bit about fonts

Opensource Google fonts in templates Opensource Google fonts in templates

Templates Overview

This section covers some background information on web 2 print templates and also some advice on fonts.

Building Templates Software Requirements

Building editable templates

To build editable online design templates, you will need…

  • Adobe® InDesign® CS4 or later;
  • An up to date HTML5 compatible browser, preferably Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

About template files

InDesign® files are saved as either InDesign template files, .indt, or .idml  which are then used to create an online template.

Please note that if you are using the .indt option that we only support up to CS6. .idml files are supported up to the latest version.

When uploaded to Flyerlink®, InDesign® Server is used to translate the document into an editable template. The template is then opened and edited using the Editor. Once the template has been personalised by the user and approved, InDesign® Server is used again to translate the document into a print ready PDF.

Public and clients who use templates

They will need…

  • A current, up-to-date HTML5 web browser e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari;
  • Current, up-to-date version of Adobe® Flash® Player if they don't have a HTML5 browser;
  • JavaScript enabled (if using Internet Explorer go to Internet Options/Settings > Security and change the security settings from high to medium-high. The highest security setting disables JavaScript by default).

Please note that we support the following browsers:

  • Latest version of Chrome plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Firefox plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Safari plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Edge plus one version back.

A bit about fonts

Our Font Library

We have purchased an ongoing Server Licence for over 2,700 fonts from the Linotype Originals 2.0 Library, plus 600 or so more from other libraries, for use in our online applications. We have also incorporated the top 100 Google fonts.

Refer to the Template Font List in Flyerlink® to see the complete list of fonts currently available to use within Editable Text Objects in a Template: Template Font List

Fonts that are not on the Template Font List can be used in non-editable areas of a template; however, they must be converted to outlines or used within a rasterised image.

Font not available

If a client uses a font not found in the Template Font List, we advise that you suggest using an alternative font that is included in the Template Font List. Remember, this font only needs to be used in editable areas of a Template, and their standard font can be used everywhere else. Many clients may also have an acceptable secondary font listed in their brand manual.


If you need to find a similar font for a client to match our library, then try using - once you find something close, just cross reference it with our Template Font List

Font Substitution

When creating a template, if you do not possess the exact version of the fonts featured in the Template Font List (eg. You may have ‘Diverda Sans Com Regular’ but not ‘Diverda Sans LT Std Regular’) then you can use your existing version, and then swap it at the build stage provided that the version that you own is in .otf (Opentype) or TTF (True Type) format. Alternatively, you could purchase the exact version to help with laying out your Template designs.

Only substitute fonts using OpenType or True Type font types

The font substitution tool will only work with OpenType (OTF) and True Type (TTF) fonts.

Postscript Type 1 fonts are not suitable for substitution. In addition, do not mix Open Type and True Type fonts of the same family, as this will cause the font substitution to fail.

Opensource Google fonts in templates

We've now added the top 100* opensource Google fonts to our template editing system. The 100 fonts added also majority of the associated weights in those 100 fonts:
Roboto Open Sans
Slabo 27px Lato
Oswald Roboto Condensed
Source Sans Pro Montserrat
Raleway PT Sans
Merriweather Roboto Slab
Open Sans Condensed Lora
Droid Sans Ubuntu
Droid Serif Arimo
Playfair Display PT Serif
Noto Sans PT Sans Narrow
Titillium Web Muli
Poppins Indie Flower
Bitter Fjalla One
Dosis Hind
Catamaran Oxygen
Inconsolata Cabin
Noto Serif Arvo
Crimson Text Anton
Lobster Ubuntu Condensed
Yanone Kaffeesatz Nunito
Libre Baskerville Press Start 2P
Bree Serif Merriweather Sans
Josefin Sans Fira Sans
Abel Roboto Mono
Abril Fatface Asap
Gloria Hallelujah Pacifico



Varela Round

Work Sans Dancing Script
Signika Questrial
Rubik Cuprum
Alegreya Shadows Into_light
Archivo Narrow Francois One
Rokkitt PT Sans Caption
Amatic SC Maven Pro
Vollkorn Acme
EB Garamond Exo 2
Eco Ropa Sans
Crete Round Libre Franklin
News Cycle Pathway Gothic One
Patua One Source Serif Pro
Josefin Slab Russo One
Architects Daughter Source Code Pro
Lobster Two Comfortaa
*The top 100 during April 2017.

Only available on HTML5 templates

Google fonts are only available on HTML5 templates, they aren't available on our historic Flash based templates.

The full archive of all current Google fonts can be downloaded from

(320mb .zip file - fonts are in a folder called OFL once uncompressed)




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