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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 4 years ago,, Orderlink and BrandDemand microsites give you the option of allowing clients to add voucher codes in their basket that discount a set £ or % from the order.

Some vouchers are pre-configured by Grafenia to provide a set discount and also a transfer price discount - this is done for promotions like Black Friday and the former Offer of the month. However you can set up your own customisable vouchers using our gift voucher service via Workgroup > Admin > Workgroup Settings > Gift Vouchers

Setting up vouchers

Head to Workgroup > Admin > Workgroup Settings > Gift Vouchers.

Here you can see all vouchers set up for your workgroup, category or indivdual customers.

Choose create to create a new voucher.

You can set up the rules of your voucher to choose what discount should be applied, and which products, quantities, and minimum basket value is necessary.

You can choose 3 types of gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers - can be reused until the date expires

Single job use gift vouchers - can only be used once and only on 1 job or basket item

Single basket use gift vouchers - can only be used once but can apply to multiple jobs within a single basket.

Turning on gift vouchers for microsites

The website always shows basket coupons, but for microsites you may need to turn it on.

Head to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend.

Tick the Allow Voucher Codes in basket? box:

This will reveal a new Do you have a Gift Voucher code? box in the basket page:

We publish a list of standard vouchers which you can give out - £5 off, £10 off, 10% off and so on. Send the voucher codes out and when the client types it in their basket, we apply the discount automatically, and the voucher is recalculated if they change quantity or service level.

If the voucher applies to more than one item in the basket, it gets automatically added to all valid items. If there's a better discount available, we'll always apply the biggest discount.

This discount only applies to the selling price, not the transfer price.

Rounding for percentage discounts

If a voucher is for a selling percentage only, we deduct the % and also round up the spare pennies

Example for a 10% discount on a job worth £37.86
We actually discount £3.86 instead of £3.78 or £3.79
Making the job post-discount exactly £34

This is done to be more generous than necessary to the client about the advertised discount

To avoid the rounding up of pennies you can apply a fixed selling amount of 0.01p


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