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Building Templates Software Requirements

Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 7 months ago

Building editable templates

To build editable online design templates, you will need…

  • Adobe® InDesign® CS4 or later;
  • An up to date HTML5 compatible browser, preferably Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

About template files

InDesign® files are saved as either InDesign template files, .indt, or .idml  which are then used to create an online template.

Please note that if you are using the .indt option that we only support up to CS6. .idml files are supported up to the latest version.

When uploaded to Flyerlink®, InDesign® Server is used to translate the document into an editable template. The template is then opened and edited using the Editor. Once the template has been personalised by the user and approved, InDesign® Server is used again to translate the document into a print ready PDF.

Public and clients who use templates

They will need…

  • A current, up-to-date HTML5 web browser e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari;
  • Current, up-to-date version of Adobe® Flash® Player if they don't have a HTML5 browser;
  • JavaScript enabled (if using Internet Explorer go to Internet Options/Settings > Security and change the security settings from high to medium-high. The highest security setting disables JavaScript by default).

Please note that we support the following browsers:

  • Latest version of Chrome plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Firefox plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Safari plus two updates back;
  • Latest version of Edge plus one version back.

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