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  1. Payments in Flyerlink
  2. Creating cashbook payments
  3. Creating cashbook refunds and/or credit

Payments in Flyerlink

Flyerlink uses cashbook payments to keep a record of which jobs have and haven't been paid for.

Payments are allocated to job to indicate the job is paid for, when an invoice is created from a job it will show the job payments against it to highlight whether the invoice is fully paid, part paid or not paid at all. If no cashbook payment is allocated to a job, the client will be asked to pay for the job when they view their dashboard online.

When you create a payment within Flyerlink you are asked what type of payment it is.

The majority of payment types are just for keeping a record, however card payments can be set up to automatically enter your bank account if you are using the Stripe payment gateway.

Creating cashbook payments

To take an automated payment (via Stripe) from your customer:

Go to Workgroup > Payments > Create.

  1. Choose the customer who is paying your workgroup.
  2. Choose the payment type.
    Use Credit or Debit Card to take an automated payment to your Stripe account.
    Otherwise you can pick a different option to store a reference of a payment taken by another means
    To use Flyerlink as a Virtual Payment Terminal, set up w3pay today.
  3. If it's a credit or debit card you can choose either to
    Pay with saved card | Add new card | Use card terminal
  4. To pay using a saved card, simply select the saved card and enter the amount
    Most banks have introduced 2FA for payments, so if you take a saved card payment it's likely your customer will get a text asking them to verify the payment
    If so you'll need the client to send across the authentication or else to pay online
  5. To enter a new card, pick the contact for the client and enter the card details

    When you pay it'll automatically be taken by stripe UNLESS you choose the "Record manual payment" option. If you choose the "Record manual payment" it'll be a payment reference and no extra charge will be taken via stripe.
  6. For more on Stripe Card Terminal check out Taking payments with Stripe POS Terminal
  7. Use standard currency seperators for your territory.
    French or Dutch users should enter "64,98" for a payment of "64,98€".
    English users should enter "64.98" for a payment of "£64.98"
  8. You'll then be able to view your payment on Workgroup > Payments > View/Amend.
  9. This will tell you the stripe account details your payment went to.
  10. To allocate a payment against a job or order, go to Workgroup > Jobs > Payments, and allocate an existing payment.

Manual card payments

Instead of using Stripe to create a new charge (or if you haven't set up a Stripe account yet), you can choose to create a manual card payment instead.

You will need to collect this card payment using a different card terminal, which may have extra costs you won't get with w3pay.

Only the last 4 digits of a card are stored in Flyerlink - we do not store any extra information.

Creating cashbook refunds and/or credit

If you make a mistake and need to refund payment, you simply need to choose the Reverse Payment*, Refund or Correction (-) Credit payment type.

This will ask you to enter a negative amount. If you need to refund £20, enter -20.

*IMPORTANT: Notes on Reversing Payments

If the payment has been taken using an automated gateway (e.g. Stripe), you can press the Reverse Payment button to refund either some or the entire payment.

However, pressing this button and choosing the desired amount will only trigger the process of returning the payment to the source if actioned on the same working day that the original payment was made.

Actioning a Reverse Payment after this time will only create a record in Flyerlink without actually returning the payment.

If you make a Reverse Payment outside of this timeframe, you'll need to access your own payment gateway account and manually refund the payment to match Flyerlink records.

Refunding a payment in Stripe is also simple.

Just log in, find your payment and choose the Refund Payment option.

You can refund the payment either in full, or in part.

Remember that any refunds you make will need to be added into Flyerlink or your payments for this customer will be incorrect in Flyerlink.

When customers order jobs online, they can automatically pay your bank account using one of our integrated payment gateways.




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