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Cumulus slideshow recommendations

Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 8 years ago

The slideshow for Cumulus theme scales to fit the browser for mobile and tablet.

You can also choose whether you want a responsive slideshow, that increases in size for larger browsers, or an unresponsive slideshow that keeps a fixed width on larger device widths

Recommended slideshow dimensions

We recommend you design your slideshow for a desktop, at 1200px wide.

Unresponsive recommendations

If you leave "responsive" unticked for your slideshow, on large devices we won't scale up your slider.

Instead we will keep it at 1200px in the middle of the screen and use your slide background colour as a bleed to the edge. This means your slide will look centered, alongside the rest of the theme content.

Responsive recommendations

If you make your slider responsive, we scale it up on larger device widths.

To avoid this looking very odd in relation to the content, you can choose what device widths you want the slider available on.

By default the slide is available on mobile, tablet and desktops upto 2000px

You can increase the minimum width to make it not show on mobile, or adjust the max width to change the desktop size the slider is available.

The default slide recommendations are our recommended option - leaving it unresponsive and having a background colour bleed, but also only showing upto 2000px


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