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Final Checks

Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 6 months ago
This is a Final Check list, which should be used before saving the InDesign® Template file and uploading it to Flyerlink®.

Template Settings

  • The graphic file complies with the artwork specification, as detailed in the Designing for Production documentation.

  • Bleed is included within the document page size (Do not use document bleed settings with templates)

  • Only fonts from the Template Font List in Flyerlink® are used, all others are converted to outlines or are used within a rasterized image. To check which fonts are being used within your document go to InDesign > Type > Find Font. Use the Find First/Next button to identify where unsupported fonts are used within the document.

  • System fonts are not being used in the file.

  • File size is no bigger than 145MB.

    Document complexity and size.

    Whilst we list 145MB as our maximum file size, there are other elements that can affect the build and load time of a template. There are no absolute limits on size - it's a combination of:

    • Number of editable items
    • Canvas size
    • Number of pages
    • Resolution of images
    • Number of fonts
    • File size
  • All non-editable objects are on the -Background layer (the lowest stacking layer within the Layer Palette). Layer should not be locked.

  • All editable objects are on individual layers with a unique name (use InDesign's Layer Visibility Tool (The eye icon) with Select All to locate rogue artwork elements).

  • All editable objects (Text and Image boxes) have rectangular frames.

  • Naming conventions and layers are locked where appropriate; e.g. c_ServicesList

  • Copyfit layers (c_Name) only contain one font, font size or font style, in a single text frame.

  • The TGI Finishing layer has been added to the -Background layer.

  • Unnecessary hidden layers are all deleted, including TGI layers.

  • All fonts required in the final template have a corresponding paragraph style. All unnecessary paragraph styles are deleted.

  • All fonts are set to Adobe Single Line Composer, Hyphenation is not selected and OpenType Contextual Alternatives are switched off (see Things to Avoid for further assistance).

  • All colours used on Editable Text Objects or any additional colours required as an alternative option, have a named colour in the Swatches palette; e.g. s_Black.

  • The Ink Manager isn't set to Convert All Spot To Process.

  • All correctly labelled colour swatches are CMYK, and are not tints or gradient swatches.

  • All images are embedded.

  • Editable image layers are not locked.

  • All editable text frame zones are defined appropriately.

  • All editable text frames include enough 'breathing space' for ascending and descending characters.

  • The Hash symbol (#) is visible at the end of every editable text frame.

  • No overlapping editable objects.

Saving your file:

Save file as either an InDesign® Template file, .indt or InDesign® IDML file, .idml

Go to File > Save As > Format > InDesign Template > Save


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