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To help connect w3shops with third party tracking companies or features, you can use either Header Snippets or Google Tag Manager.

Header Snippets let you add tracking code to the <head> of your w3shop, while Google Tag Manager let you add tracking code to the <body>.

Through Google Tag Manager you can add either Custom HTML, or a number of different Ad tracking campaigns including DoubleClick and AdWords.

Linking Tag Manager & w3shop

To get started, you'll need to sign up to an account with Google Tag Manager.

Create a container and copy the Tag Manager code you've been given. It will look like "GTM-XXXX"

Copy this, and head to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend in Flyerlink. In the Search Engine Optimisation section, add the code to your Google Tag Manager field.

This will add the Tag Manager code to your w3shop.

Warning: Tag Manager will not track anything until Tags are added to your container, Firing rules are set up AND the container is Published.

Adding campaigns or tags to Google Tag Manager

To add a new campaign, simply head to your Container and Add a new tag.

Choose the campaign you want and sign up with the third party to get your account details. You will need to follow documentation with each of the different tracking parties to understand what is involved in adding these tags.

Firing rules

With Google Tag Manager, you can control which pages your tracking code will show on (or fire from) and which they will be blocked from.

Simply head to one of the Tags you've set up, and on the right hand side you'll see the Firing rules.

You can fire on all pages, or set some rules to ensure it will only be shown on specific pages, such as the Checkout Confirmation page or particular Product Group pages.

You need to set up firing rules before your tags can be tracked.

Publishing your container

When you first set up your container it will be in Draft mode. Once you've made changes, you can change the container status to be Published.

More advice

For more advice on adding tracking code to your w3shop through Google Tag Manager, including Individual Tag Set Up Guides, check out the Help Centre.

While it's possible to add Google Analytics using Tag Manager, it's better to add the UA-XXX code in Flyerlink, as that has e-commerce tracking set up for you.


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