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Page Type: Landing Page (shows Product Categories)

Dennis Janse
by Dennis Janse 4 years ago


Product landing pages contains Google-friendly text about a product category, which contains many Product Groups e.g a Business card landing page will show all business card product groups.

Choose the Product Category you require from the dropdown menu when creating this page to automatically pull in your product images.

Ideally this page is the page you want your customers to land on when searching for 'Business Card Printing' in Google.

Lishio theme example:


Minimal Regular theme example:

If you are using the Delicious Metro theme you are provided with one big placeholder box to create your own landing page layout.

The Column page types can also be used to create custom layouts.

Landing pages can also be used to display prices before taking the user to a Product Group page such as the one below.

Business card Landing page