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Simon Tranter
by Simon Tranter 3 years ago


This article explains how to personalise emails sent to your customers and studios from w3p sites.

w3shops and w3client microsites send a number of emails to customers and your sales team when orders are placed, passwords are changed or important activities are undertaken.

You are able to personalise these emails and adjust the text to suit your brand.

Choosing an email to personalise

Go to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend > Email Templates.

Either search for an email template you've already personalised, or Add a new one:

Personalising your email

Once you've chosen an email to edit, you'll be given a default email.

You'll be able to change the description for internal reference of what the email does.

You'll also be able to choose who the email is sent by and which email address it is sent from. If this is blank, a sensible email from your workgroup is chosen.

Then you can change the email's subject line, which is visible to customers, and the email content.

Active Text Substitutions

The default emails make extensive use of Active Text Substitutions. These are [square]![brackets] that retrieve information about your customer, their order or your workgroup.

We recommend you continue to use Active Text Substitutions.

Below your email, there'll be an explanation of what information the Text Substitutions retrieve is given.

You'll be able to use these Active Text Substitutions anywhere in your email, or you can replace the workgroup information with your own signiture.

Sample Emails

Once you've finished personalising your emails, you can send a sample to yourself.

The Sample Email will retrieve your Active Text Substution's example, not a live order. It will make more sense to your customers than to yourself.

Finish Editing

When you've finished editing, simply save your changes.

You can also revert to the default email template if you've made a mistake, or you can delete the personalised email and stick to the one created on your behalf.

What emails can I personalise?

There are some other emails sent out by flyerlink, mostly workgroup notifications, that cannot be personalised. However, you will be able to personalise all the main emails sent out under your branding.

You will be able to personalise the following types of emails:

  • Any email sent following a user's input on your microsite;
  • The job printout and bulletproof emails; and
  • The action required when a job is sent to 081 for a supplier.

All the emails available for personalisation can be found via Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > Personalised Emails.


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