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Service Levels (Selecting turnaround times in Flyerlink)

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This article explains what service levels are and how to add them to your products.

Service Levels

Service levels are designed to give your customers flexibility in the timeframe their job will be produced by.

If you or your customer need a product immediately, you can use the SOS or Xpress service. However, if you can wait and want to reduce the normal printing cost - you can choose the Stand-by service.

The service level affects both the Sales price and the Transfer price of a job. To produce a job faster, it will cost slightly more. To produce a job slower, it will cost less.

Expected Delivery Date

This 3 working day product would be despatched from the Production Hub on the 2nd working day (03/10/14) to be delivered on the 3rd working day (04/1014).

Customer collection

If Customer Collection is required, the job will be made available to collect on the 3rd working day (the same day we would expect to deliver it).

We cannot guarantee that Jobs will be available to collect on the "Expected Despatch" date (i.e. the day before it is expected to be with the customer).

Jobs already at status 081

Please note the Service Level/Turnaround can only be changed before setting your job to status 081.

After this time your job is allocated to a print run alongside jobs with similar turnaround times.

If your job has not yet been allocated to a print run you can set the job status to 071, change your Turnaround time then set the job status back to 081.

Be aware this will restart the turnaround time.

Grafenia Service Levels

Service levels used byGrafenia all follow a consistent behaviour.

Flyerlink will always show the fastest turnaround available for a Product.

Service Level


Sales Price

Transfer Price

(S) Stand-by Zero

Doubles advertised turnaround time



(S) Stand-by

Doubles advertised turnaround time



(N) Normal

Advertised turnaround time



(R) Pretty Quick

10 working days becomes 9



(Q) Pretty Quick

10 working days becomes 8



(P) Pretty Quick

10 working days becomes 7



(X) Xpress

Halves advertised turnaround time




Print will be available the next day, if ordered before 2pm



For example

If a £99 product for a Normal service level is changed to a Stand-by service...

The price decreases by 10% to £89.10
The turnaround time doubles from 5 days to 10 days.

Custom Service Levels

You can add service levels to products you create yourself.

Head to Workgroup > My Products  > Products > View/Amend.

In the Technical Settings:

  1. For Is turnaround guaranteed?, choose "Yes, fixed despatch date" .
  2. Then for Allow Service Levels, choose "Yes".

Once this is done, you'll have the option to add extra service levels in your Pricing section. You can choose how much of a mark up or mark down from the Normal service you want for each level.

These can vary for every price break, or you can set a fixed increase or decrease of £5 or £10.

Available service levels

The available service levels will depend on your normal turnaround time. If a job normally takes a long to produce, you can add more service levels to speed up the process.

The follow table shows which service levels you can add depending on your Normal turnaround for despatch.

(N) Normal (S) Stand-by (R) Pretty Quick (Q) Pretty Quick (P) Pretty Quick (Y) Xpress (X) Xpress (D) SOS
1 day 3           0
2 days 5       1   0
3 days 7   2   1   0
4 days 9   3   2   0
5 days 11   4 3 2   1
6 days 13   5 4 3   1
7 days 15   6 5 4 3 1
8 days 17   7 6 5 4 1
9 days 19 8 7 6 5 4 1
10 days 21 9 8 6 5 4 2
11 days 22 10 9 8 7 5 2
12 days 24 11 10 9 7 6 2
13 days 26 12 11 9 8 6 2
14 days 28 13 11 10 8 7 2
15 days 30 14 12 11 9 7 3



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