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Gavin Cockerill
by Gavin Cockerill 2 years ago

Trustpilot is the largest online review portal in Europe. Allowing customer to view and provide impartial feedback builds trust. If you have an account set up with Trustpilot use this widget to link your customer reviews to your w3shop.

The Trustpilot widget is available on the Zone Red theme in the Homepage & Landing Page sidebars.


Trustpilot excerpt from:


by Tony Rafferty - fomer CEO Grafenia plc

"Ever noticed on Google searches that some companies have four or five orange stars next to them?  It certainly looks impressive and can convince hesitant buyers, but why do some companies have it and others don’t?

These orange stars hail from review sites such as TrustPilot. Look closer and you’ll also notice they (usually) only appear on the paid-for advertisements - a small concession to Google’s paying customers.

TrustPilot is one of a number of sites that offer a public client feedback mechanism. It works in a similar way to TripAdvisor for hotels. Depending on the site, a score between 1-5 or 1-10 is given which Google then translates into a ‘1-5 star’ rating.

Our direct observation supports the Google view that these stars enhance your ‘click-through-rate’ (CTR) materially (see page 103).

TrustPilot charges for its service, and a minimum of 30 reviews is required before Google will index your hard-won stars.

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