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Dennis Janse
by Dennis Janse 4 years ago

Each w3shop theme comes with a homepage.
There are some special rules for w3shop homepages.

1) Homepage cache

The w3shop homepage page type has a cache to speed up the load time, especially for the Zone Red theme which has a template widget.
This means it will take around 1 hour for your changes to show after they've been saved.

2) You don't need a url slug for the homepage

The homepage or 1st page sorted is the only page that can have a blank url slug.
This means people can go to instead of

3) You don't have to use the homepage page type

You can use any page type for your actual homepage, provided.

  • The new page has a sort order of 1
  • It doesn't belong to any dropdown menu
  • You either
    • Remove the url slug, or
    • Include the page in your menu at the 1st position.

For example uses the Cumulus theme Homepage B instead of the default Homepage page type to show a different option.

4) Your logo or header image will redirect to the homepage


- Example homepages

The Cumulus theme homepage: