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by Fabrice 6 months ago

One of the advantages of w3shops is that they come pre-built with TemplateCloud and products from Grafenia's production HubM. The Grafenia product range already have hundreds of product images to advertise the print range.

It is possible to change the Granfenia product RRP for your shop using the available products filter. And it is also possible to change the Grafenia product images using the Product Images tool.

Changing Grafenia HubM product images

Use the Product Images tool to change Grafenia product images.
Head to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > Product Images

Here you can download the existing product images you have on your site. Choose the product zone you want to download images for.

You'll be given a .zip of the product category images, which appear in the upload your files page type.

And the .zip will also contain all product group images you see on the product search pages.

Delete any images you don't need to update.
Then replace the images with your new ones.

You'll need to keep the file name the same, the file name has a special code that helps us know which image is being replaced. For example you'll need a BUSCARD.png or BUSCARD.jpg file to replace the business card product category image.
If you upload a file that hasn't got one of our special file names, we'll reject it as we don't know which image it's designed to replace.

Once you've adjusted the files, you can .zip up the file again and upload it.

We'll show you if there are any issues we have uploading the files, alongside an image of any files we actually replace.

1 hour delay changing product category images

Product category images show on the upload your files page, which have an hour long cache to improve the page load time.

As a result of this cache, any product category images could take upto an hour before they take affect.

Changing opensource product images

For opensource products, you don't need to use the Product Images tool to replace your product group image.

Simply upload an image for the product you create on Workgroup > My Products > Products > View/Amend

If you've more than 1 product image for a product group, you can choose the cover photo for your product group on Workgroup > My Products > Product Groups > View/Amend


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