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w3shop product search & choice pages

by Fab 3 years ago

w3shop provides multiple different options for displaying product choices to customers, some of these are necessary pages to ensure the integrity and stability of your w3shop. Others are optional.

Product search

All w3shops have a product search page.

By default a product search page will list product groups to customers, and provide filter options to find the best product group.


With the Cumulus theme only you can also choose for your product search page to show product category results.

The product category results will either link to the product picker grid w3shop page (if you've added that), or it will use the configure your printing page (if you haven't added the product picker grid page)

Product price grid
(product group)

All w3shops have a product price grid page.

This page shows a quick quote and a price grid for all products within a product group. Product groups are normally based on a paper weight and finishing type, such as 150gsm gloss leaflets, and can show a range of sizes with that size and finishing.