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This article explains how to setup Google Analytics in a w3shop.

w3shops allow you to integrate Google Analytics easily in order for you to track the visits to your webshop.

Once you have created a Google Analytics account you can link this to your new w3shop in a matter of seconds.

1. Just tick the ‘Add Google Analytics’ check box.

2. Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID, found in your Google Analytics Admin > Property >Tracking Code section.

Your analytics is now tracking your website.

Universal Analytics

If you want to use Universal Analytics, just upgrade in Google Analytics and Tick "Upgrade to Universal Analytics" on Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsite > View/Amend in Flyerlink.

E-commerce Tracking

E-commerce Tracking is automatically set up for your w3shop.

But if Google Analytics is telling you it hasn't been set up...

Simply go to Admin > View Settings in your Google Analytics control panel. Then turn the E-commerce tracking setting ON

As soon as it's turned on, you'll receive tracking information.


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