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Overview: How do I add products for w3p?

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A quick guide to creating Products and Product Groups.

  • Creating products
  • Product groups
  • Product kinds
  • Product tags
  • The final step

Creating Products

To create a New Product go to Workgroup > My Products > Products > Add New Product. Then enter your Product Details.

You'll need to give it a name, choose your product kind (see below), size and colour type.

Sizes are broken down into groups, with all A sizes like A4 and A5 in a group of all A-size flat products. If you can't find the right size for you, choose other sizes then custom size to enter your own size. You can also allow customers to choose their own size using an any size product.

The colour choice decides how many pages are available for the file and what colours should be expected, more details on colours can be found here.

Product Groups

Product Groups group together similar products, such as A4, A5 and A6 130gsm Gloss Leaflets.

This is an example of a Business card Product Group:

 We recommend naming the products within a group consistently to help both you and your customers.

This example is of a list of Products contained within a Leaflet Product Group (Notice Products are listed by Size and Colour Type):


Building products using product duplication

The quickest way to create your products is to create a single sided product first using the Full Colour Front Colour Type, then select Duplicate Product under Sorting & searching to create a double sided version (Identified by 4x4 in the above example).

Use Duplicate for all additional sizes and adjust your prices accordingly.

Remember to also change the Product Name, Colour Type and Product Size (under Technical Specification) for each new product you create/duplicate.

Product Kinds

Each product you create has a product kind.

You have 5 types to choose from each with different features.

Product Kind Explanation
Printed item

The product makes a physical printed good.
Requires a graphic file before job can go to Status 081

Electronic file The product makes an electronic item, like a press advert or graphic design.
Doesn't make a physical item, but requires a graphic file.
Stock pick item The product has been pre-produced, for you to pick and pack to your customers.
Physical item that doesn't need a graphic file.
Uses the Stock Manager to control stock levels.
Service The product is a service, like consultancy or training.
It's not a physical item and doesn't require a graphic file.
Can be used for Flyerlink's invoicing and TimeTracking features.

Products Tags

Product Group pages display products by Size and Colour Type.

If two Products share the same Size and Colour Type, Leaflets and Flyers for example. Product tags must be used to display them correctly online.

You can view your Products Tags here:
Workgroup > My Products  > Products > Edit

 Product Tag Order: 

  • Product Type (Flyers);
  • Substrate (Card);
  • Substrate Weight (Medium weight card);
  • Product Style (280gsm Gloss).  

Your product will not show online if the purple Substrate Tag is missing.

Each tag takes the customer down a different route to find the product they are after and should be unique.

For example:

Click here to view this page live.

A5 Leaflet Products Tags

Substrate > Substrate Weight > Product Style
Paper > Thickest Paper > 150gsm Gloss
Paper > Thickest Paper > 170gsm Silk

A5 Flyer Products Tags

Substrate > Substrate Weight > Product Style
Card > Medium Weight Card > 280gsm Gloss
Card > Medium Weight Card > 
280gsm Silk

Customer Permissions

When creating a Product  you are asked to set customer permissions to ensure the correct people can see your product.

3 options are provided:

Only customers I add to the list below

Only the Customer Account Codes you add to the list can see this Product.

Only customers from categories I add to the list below

Set your Customer permissions to Workgroup and use the Availbale Products Filter under Categories & Microsites to make specific products available to all customers in your selected category.

Only customers from workgroups I add to the list below

This option makes your products available to every Customer, Category & Microsite in your Workgroup.

Use the Available Products Filter on the Category & Microsite page to make specific products available to customer in this your Category/Microsite.

The final step

Once completed ensure you select the green ‘Make Product Active’ button, products that say ‘building' next to the product name and product code are not active. 

This screenshot gives you a sense of how these products appear under Workgroup > Production > My Products once completed.

Further Guidance

There's an online tutorial video under Online Training > Production here, which gives you an overview of this process.

Below is a training video cover creating products InHouse using w3p.

Use this guide in conjunction with the Flyerlink User Guide on w3pedia - Creating Products, page 87.



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