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by Fab 4 years ago

Browse through 14 million royalty-free images directly within Flyerlink. All images available at up to XXL size for only £0.59 each (including vector files).

Go to w3pedia > Stock Images > Search

These photos, illustrations and vectors are provided by our partners, DepositPhotos. You always get access to a selection of image sizes, and through our group buying, this costs you much less than buying it directly from DepositPhotos.

How am I charged?

Every time you buy a stock image from w3p Flyerlink, we'll create a job (using your usual invoicing account as the customer). The job will go straight to 081 and allocated to a run (so will disappear from your studio summary immediately). Once a week, all the stock image jobs will be consolidated in with your other w3p purchases onto your weekly invoice, you'll see one job per image.

A benefit of this is, you'll now be able to click through to the job:

w3pedia > Stock Images > Purchase Log

and add a Client's reference: if you want, to record the client you're purchase the image for:

How can I use these images?

You can use the images for work not produced by our presses. You could use them as part of a website, or on an eshot, or something you print on your instore equipment. The rules are the same as if you bought directly from DepositPhotos. You must use it as part of a derivative work and not just resell the image (see Terms & Conditions of Use below).

What type of image license do I have?

You don't have the right to give or sell the image to anybody, only use it in a derivative work.

DepositPhotos from w3p Flyerlink Terms & Conditions of Use
Works (being photographs, illustrations, images or other pictorial or graphic work) made available for download through Flyerlink are sourced from the DepositPhotos.

Works downloaded by you are licensed to you to be used only as part of an end product that constitutes a derivative work, as defined under United States copyright law, of the Works (the "End Product"). The End Product may be in either a tangible or digital medium, but in all cases Works may only be used in the End Products in a manner that is consistent with the terms of Depositphotos's Content Download Agreement (Standard License) agreement.

Furthermore each download of a Work is for use in one End Product (which End Product may, for the avoidance of doubt, be used, reproduced or displayed an unlimited number of times by such end user) by one end user only, if the same particular Work that was previously downloaded is later included in an End Product for a different end user, then such Work must be downloaded again and a further fee will be incurred.

As regards the agreement between you and us (and in particular as regards the rights that are granted to you, and indemnification given by you, under that agreement with regard to your use of a particular Work) the terms of the DepositPhotos's License agreement (the current version of which may be found at shall, save for section 4 (payments and pricing), be deemed incorporated into our agreement ("the Incorporated terms") and shall accordingly form part of the terms of our agreement. In the event of any conflict between the Incorporated Terms and the other terms of our agreement, such other terms shall prevail.

Can I pass on the image charge to my customer?

You're not allowed to resell the images themselves. The licence doesn't allow that (see above), just like any other photo library. You can, however, charge extra for your artwork to cover your costs - this is classed as a 'derivative work' and is fine. So you might charge an extra £10 per image say, within the artwork fee.

Can my customers browse these images?

We've built a handy Lightbox feature for clients to use. They simply use their usual log in and head to the Stock Images app.




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