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Alistair Wilson
by Alistair Wilson 2 years ago

The email optin page allows you to add a page that existing contacts can go to to optin to email marketing

Editing the page

To add the page head to Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend > Microsites Pages > Create

Add a page with the email optin page type

The page name AND description you use is stored when people sign up so you can make the name "Monthly newsletters opt in" to describe what is being opted into

You can edit the text on the page in your w3shop editor and the background image

When a customer opts in, we update Flyerlink to show they've opted in.

Offering vouchers to sign up

When you edit a page you can add a voucher code in a widget at the bottom

If there's a voucher added we will send an email after people sign up with the voucher code in. This is a way you can incentive contacts / enquires to sign up to future promotions.

For more on setting up gift voucher see

Customising the email template

When a voucher is supplied to people who opt in we send an email to that customer with a voucher code

You can change the email template using our personalising email solution - see

The email template used is called EMAIL_OPTIN

You'll want to personalise this if the gift voucher they are given is restricted to explain the voucher terms & conditions

Pre-completing the form for customers with a link

If you want to send out an eshot with a simple button that'll sign up customers to the newsletter

You can do this by adding some extra url parameters to the button you're sending customers from

EG Instead of just going to

If you go to news and promotions

We will check if the email is valid and if it is we will opt them in automatically

email must match an email for a customer belonging to the site

customer can be a customer code if you want to be precise about which customer's email you want to opt in

message is used to state what the customer signed up to
So if your newsletter has a button asking to opt into monthly offers and promotions you can add a message of
"message=Monthly news and promotions"
Which will be stored against the customer's Opt in message in Flyerlink


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