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w3shop Header links

Dennis Janse
by Dennis Janse 6 years ago

Header links are a special page type you can use on your w3shop to add extra links on the top of your w3shop. These header links use redirections, see Resource Article 5028 for more details.

To add a header link, create a new page on Workgroup > Customers > Categories & Microsites > View/Amend > Microsite Pages > Create.

This will then appear on your top menu.

Your Sign in, Sign out and Register links will all appear as pages, giving you the ability to change the sort order, text or link. Be careful making any changes, the automatically generated choice was selected as best practice. Only make changes to these if needed.

Who can view the links?

To make the most of the header links, you'll want to change the context they can be viewed in.

All Microsite Pages can choose to be available to different sets of users.

By default, your pages and links are available to Everyone. You can also make them only available to Signed in users or Signed out users.

If a link is only available to Signed in users (always visible), a signed out user will be taken to the registration page first.